10 Years of Local Zakat in Australia

Marking a major milestone in our community’s journey to self-sufficiency

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10 Years of

Collecting Zakat from and distributing Zakat to Muslims locally in Australia.


Removing people from cycles of poverty.


Turning Zakat recipients into Zakat givers.

10 Years of

Changing Tomorrow

Since 2013, NZF Australia has been at the forefront of bringing

to life the potential of Local Zakat. In this time we have:

Created a Zakat infrastructure that fulfils the obligation of Local Zakat, ensuring that no Muslim in Australia in need is ever left abandoned

Distributed $14 million+ in Zakat in Australia across a range of categories, including the homeless, victims of violence, orphans, widows, refugees and more

Educated the community about Zakat: its rules, etiquette and practices, turning Local Zakat into a movement towards creating a self-sufficient Australian Muslim community

A movement built on looking after our own

In 2013, a group of Muslims in Australia came together, driven by an Islamic obligation and a sense of mission. Since then we have assisted:

$ 0
Zakat fund distributed since 2013

Domestic Violence Cases

Financial Hardship Cases

Housing & Homelessness Cases

Medical Assistance Cases

Refugees, Travellers, New Migrants

Single parents, Widows & Orphans

Our community relied entirely on the government to look after our problems. Outside of social security, Muslims had no systematic way or infrastructure to look after their own.


Our vision was inspired by a massive gap and the Islamic obligation for us to look after our own, right here in Australia.


Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped create an incredible infrastructure for the fulfilment of Islam’s 3rd pillar right here in Australia.

A committed team.

A connected community.

A broad network.

Our success hasn’t come on our own. It has been built on a system that has brought together community leaders, partner organisations and specialists to create change where it’s most needed.


It is through this network and its delivery of Zakat that NZF is helping alleviate cyclical poverty, turning Zakat recipients into Zakat givers.

An experienced team

Led by a dedicated executive team and Board oversight, NZF Australia brings together passionate, qualified and experienced personnel who are passionate about bringing Zakat’s potential to life





A community of strong supporters

We’ve come to be supported by a large number of community leaders and professionals who see our work and its impact first-hand. Their confidence in our Zakat infrastructure and its transformative impact continue to drive their referral and support.

A network of partners

NZF relies extensively on amazing community partnerships with both service providers and program partners, who help us channel Zakat’s potential to services in kind and monetary payments to best help recipients.

Our Programs & Partners

Local Zakat: A movement built on Islam’s 3rd Pillar

NZF Australia is immensely grateful to Allah for his blessings, and to our community for its unrelenting support in our decade to date.

But for us, this is just the start. As we look forward, we’ll continue to strive every day to realise the true potential of Islam’s 3rd pillar in our community. One which sees us build an independent, self-sufficient future for our community, doing justice to this great obligation.

In the process, we aim to achieve its true purpose: building a community in which no Muslim is left abandoned.

Our Work in a Nutshell

Leading with awareness & education

Our Zakat Guides, Calculators and Resources have become mainstays in our community. Combined with our popular “Zakat Masterclasses” and roadshows, we’ve helped make Zakat knowledge accessible and easy to understand.

Service excellence for Zakat-givers

By answering people’s Zakat questions (both individuals and businesses) and ensuring their Zakat is dealt with professionally, we’ve become an important service provider to Muslims who are obliged to give Zakat.

Encouraging people to ask for help through Zakat

Zakat exists for a reason, and no one in need should be shy to ask. We’ve encouraged a culture of people coming forward to apply for Zakat, and make the process as easy as possible. Apply for Zakat if you are in need here.

Building a movement built on Zakat

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